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The Gold Price Hits an All-Time High: Is Now the Time to Buy or Wait?

The Gold Price Hits an All-Time High: Is Now the Time to Buy or Wait?

The Gold Price Hits an All-Time High: Is Now the Time to Buy or Wait?

April 23,2024

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The Gold Price Hits an All-Time High: Is Now the Time to Buy or Wait?

The glimmer of gold has always been in the eye of economists and investors as the prices surge. This ongoing trend of golden surge has sparked speculation and questions about whether to buy gold now or wait. The top-rated trusted gold buying company in Delhi NCR, 24Karat, believes that gold's price will rise more.

Current Market Dynamics

The current market dynamics show that gold prices can hit 75,000 INR. As one of the most secure and reliable assets, gold is on its way to unprecedented heights. Numerous geopolitical, inflationary, and economic reasons drive the bullish momentum. Looking back at historical trends, gold offers a safe haven for market instability.

Financial market analysts know that analysing historical and current trends is essential. Many factors influence the increase in gold prices. Looking ahead, analysts anticipate a steady upward trajectory for gold prices.

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Buy Now or Wait for the Drop?

Before you invest in gold or wait, it is necessary to understand the market conditions that contribute to rising prices. With an upward trajectory, economic factors, portfolio diversification, inflation and others can be the reason for it. Moreover, it is a little challenging to give a definitive answer. The trends suggest that gold prices might not drop soon.

Economic Factors

Economic factors like interest rates and inflation affect the prices of gold. Hence, it is not a good idea to wait for the drop in the price of gold as there might be no decrease in the future.

Performance of Asset

Your portfolio might be affected by several factors. If your portfolio is underperforming for any reason, diversifying in some gold is good. Further, gold is a safe haven against inflation. Gold helps to create a balance when other assets underperform in the portfolio. It is better to allocate a good portion of gold in your portfolio while maintaining portfolio diversification. Hence, having 10% or less of gold in your portfolio will help your other assets and offer some breathing room.

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Inflation might be Stubborn

Recently, inflation has come down, but it is still stubborn. While the current inflation stands at 5.09 %, it is substantially higher than last year. Speaking of interest rates, they are likely to be elevated, which will benefit a gold investment. So, until inflation comes down, investing in gold will be the right decision.

Who is the biggest gold purchaser in India?

Looking at the trends, it is no surprise that India is always hungry for gold. The Roman writer Pliny the Elder, who wrote in the 1st century AD, described India as a "drain of gold." According to World Council data, the Reserve Bank of India is India's most significant gold purchaser.

Citizens, including households and individuals, are the next in line to purchase gold. In India, gold is significant regarding status, wealth, emotions, and prosperity. The long-standing special place for gold ornaments rises during weddings, auspicious occasions, and religious ceremonies.

Gold Price Prediction in 2024

Everyone wants to know about the rising gold prices in 2024. While predicting the future prices of gold can be tricky, economic factors, inflation, and geopolitical trends might give you an estimate.

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Some specific forecasts, like the World Bank, predict the expected average gold price will be $1,950 per ounce in 2024. The IMF predicts an anticipated cost of $1,775 per ounce for 2024. A few investment firms, like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase, predict $2,133 per ounce and $2,175 per ounce, respectively.

Where to Buy or Sell Gold in Delhi NCR?

When it comes to gold, many questions, such as the safest way to sell gold or where to buy gold, are asked. It is vital to understand the forms of gold investment. You can invest in gold via mutual funds, ETFs, digital gold, etc.

24Karat, the top rated trusted gold buying company in Delhi NCR, offers a safe space to sell gold for cash. You can get cash for gold in various forms, such as bars, rings, coins, and other ornaments. We at 24Karat understand that gold is an investment and has emotions attached to it. As the biggest purchaser of gold, we evaluate gold using Karatmeter in terms of purity.

Purity of Gold

People often say they bought 24K, 22K, or 18K gold. These terms denote the purity of gold, wherein 24K is the purest form of gold. 24Karat is the old silver jewellery buyer in Delhi, we denote the purity of gold by using instruments like a karatmeter to assess its purity. As a result, this ensures customers get the best price for their gold.


Lastly, the golden surge is driven by numerous factors. These include monetary policy, geopolitical demands, economic factors, inflation, and industrial demand. Despite the surge, gold is one of the precious metals in investing.

The decision to wait or invest in gold requires careful consideration of all the factors. At present, the market is on a bullish momentum. Ultimately, the decision should go along with the goals, risk tolerance, investment strategy and other factors.

So, if you are looking for the answer to the safest way to sell gold, or if you looking for trusted scrap Gold jewellery buyer in Noida, 24Karat is the go-to destination!

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